About Us

About Us
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Aspire World Investments (AWI) is investment Management Company organizing structured large-scale capital investments for the infrastructure, industrial, corporate, commercial, academic, energy, environmental & MSME sector developments. AWI has its existence around more than 47+ countries across the globe.  Furthermore, AWI arranges monthly Investments Summits in which attendees used to come from worldwide’ Specially the Ambassadors from AWI’s allies embassies, representatives of the 163 companies worldwide leading investment groups of MENA, EU, & ASIA.

Also, with Aspire World Investment successfully organized Aspire World Expo with 47 Flags with 47th UAE National Day celebrations under the Patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Faisal Al Qasimi and it has been one of the enormous Middle East’s Investors platform for local and International markets. It was the best place to meet and do business with top-tier investors and professional project holders from across the globe.

President’s Message

It has been two decades when I started cultivating the ideology of loyalty, integrity and purposefulness. Today, I am delighted to see Aspire World Investments growing with the same set of values. The commitment to serve with devotion, consistency & reliability results in shape of retained business relationships.
That’s how we add value to what we usually do. So at the end, it is not what we do but how we do it. That’s how AWI exists as one of the leading investment conglomerates the region

Press and Recognition

70+ Brand Ambassadors

48+ Countries Business Partners

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

AWI is a distinctively finest cohesive investment group owing to its unparalleled perfectionism, unprecedented yields, certainty & out of the box resolutions for innovative economy. It inspires to yield sustainable economics while creating value through the innovation with reliability

These core values are cultivated to become our vested interest in business. Everyone with AWI serves to be a torch bearer of our deep seeded values so that we keep reminding ourselves that every day is a new dawn to propel & push forward to the new heights, knowing that even sky is not the limit.

Investor relations at AWI are simple, candid and inimitable. Our friends gel together with ASPIRE to diversify and prosper hand in hand with ASPIRE Agility. Capital protection, exuberant ROI and reliable commitments create steadfast and consistent investment climate for the investors