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Inspiring Innovation

NEXL Group exhibits 22 years of legacy at

Investment Management



Technical Training

Information Technology

Security Services





Financial Services


Human Resources Management

Health Services

Emerging and Smart Technologies

Management Consulting & Social Sectors




6 Countries
in Progress



Generation of additional economic activity

Promotion of exports of goods and services

Promotion of investment from domestic and
foreign sources

Creation of employment

Development of infrastructure facilities

Simplified procedures for development, operation
& maintenance of the Special Economic Zones
& for setting up units and conducting business

Revolutionary Business Solutions in 48 Countries

More than 265 Companies registered worldwide

AWI regularly hosts monthly Aspire Investment
Summits &quarterly Investment Expos

Our aspirations for the future are filled with
hope and energized by our vision for a
resilient & sustainable economy.

AWI has its existence around more than 47+ countries across the globe.

Aspire World Investments (AWI) is investment Management Company organizing structured large-scale capital investments for the infrastructure, industrial, corporate, commercial, academic, energy, environmental & MSME sector developments.

AWI reveals investment opportunities for sophisticated investors to enter…

Aspire Excellence Awards first time introduced in 2016, recognize the …

This innovative idea of Aspire Trading Hub is gracious enough to inspire..

Digital Fin Tech activity hub connecting entirety of crypt initiatives to create..

Our Business

Aspire World Investments is the part of Nexl Group. The group exhibits 20 years of legacy at Investments Management, Manufacturing, Education, Agriculture, Shipping, Aviation, Trading, Human Resources Management & Social Sectors.

New Entrepreneurs Xperts Link (NEXL) is one of the leading business group
in Pakistan and has its recognition across the globe in more than 47 countries.

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About AWI

AWI is a distinctively finest cohesive investment group owing to its unparalleled perfectionism, unprecedented yields, certainty & out of the box resolutions for innovative economy.

It inspires to yield sustainable economics while creating value through the innovation with reliability.

AWI original ideology of inspiring innovation is indicative of the emerging future full of abundance & prosperity for everyone!

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AWI Core Value


Aspire World Invest to grow and inspire to glow


Aspire World Invest do the best and achieve the greatest


Aspire World Invest seed the prospects and harvest potentials

For expert guidance and know-how you can trust Aspire World Investment LLC


Here’s what just some of our clients have said

Our congratulations and thanks to Aspire World Expo 2019, HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, Dr Munir Ch. and his team for an excellent event may you continue to develop and improve this type of global event where there is always a win win situation for participants and organisers.


The event for me was a success as I managed to followup 4 new potential clients and with all of them I am currently pursuing with interest with a view to partnership and investment.

Dr. Richmond Annan — iRichie Group LLC

In our industry a quick response time plus an attention to detail are of crucial importance. Through their professionalism and expertise Economist consistently excelled.

Peter Scott – Aspire Board Member

Aspire World Expo – 48 Flags

To achieve the highest imaginable standard globally by building a bridge through connecting minds and creating future universally.

Mission - 48 Flags

Work towards unity, positive and successful manifestation of our vision. To honor and appreciate all our partners and help them in any possible way, to excel further.

Exhibitors - 48 Country Flags

Show case your company, product or services in front of Visitors, Investors & Government Officials from 48 Countries.

Online Registration Available Soon!

Smart Cities & Technologies

Aspire World Expo is pleased to host the Smart Cities Innovation Showcase, highlighting top industry vetted technologies. Come meet with the companies and research organizations poised to transform our innovation economy.

Helping Small Businesses just like yours


Country Participation


Projects Completed


Team Members


% on-time completion

It has been two decades when I started cultivating the ideology of loyalty, integrity and purposefulness. Today, I am delighted to see Aspire World Investments growing with the same set of values. The commitment to serve with devotion, consistency & reliability results in shape of retained business relationships.
That’s how we add value to what we usually do. So at the end, it is not what we do but how we do it. That’s how AWI exists as one of the leading investment conglomerates the region

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